Contact details

Theme lead: Professor Nick Wareham

Nick Wareham is Co-Director of the University of Cambridge Institute of Metabolic Science, Director of the MRC Epidemiology Unit and the Centre for Diet and Activity Research (CEDAR; a UKCRC Centre of Excellence in Public Health). He leads research on the interplay between genetic, lifestyle and developmental risk factors in the aetiology of obesity, diabetes and related metabolic conditions and individual and population-level approaches to prevention of non-communicable diseases.

Theme lead contact details:

Name Job title Email address
Dr Nita Forouhi Hon Consultant
Dr Soren Brage MRC Programme Lead
Dr Ken Ong Hon Consultant
Professor Simon Griffin Hon Consultant
Professor Martin White Hon Consultant
Dr David Ogilvie Hon Consultant
Professor Theresa Marteau Director BHRU
Professor Ann Prentice Director EWL Laboratories
Professor Christi Deaton Professor of Clinical Nursing Research
Professor Paul Fletcher Professor of Health Neuroscience
Dr Esther van Sluijs MRC Programme Lead
Dr Claudia Langenberg Hon Consultant