Co-innovation with SMEs

The NIHR Cambridge BRC actively supports collaboration with SMEs to bring ground-breaking research to life and support medical innovation.


To support our dedicated research teams and collaborators, we invest in state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to help deliver our research projects.

The NIHR Cambridge BRC is situated on one site, providing access to Addenbrooke’s, the Rosie and the Royal Papworth Hospitals – and their thousands of patients as well as advanced research infrastructure. We also have immediate links to our partners on the campus and the East of England.

We work with many organisations in and around Cambridge who use our facilities for their research, while we help support their discoveries. As the biomedical campus expands over the next five years, it will cement its position as one of the largest – and best –  campuses in the world in which to conduct clinical research.

We invite you to view the facilities we have here at the NIHR Cambridge BRC, if you have any questions you can contact them directly or email

Research Engaged Patients

We put patients at the heart of our research and strive to give as many patients as possible the opportunity to take part in research.

We not only want people to take part in research – we want them to have a great experience, whether they are taking part as a patient or as a healthy volunteer.

As a major regional teaching hospital, the NIHR Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre hosts a large and diverse patient population. To support our research volunteers during research projects, we have a dedicated inpatient and outpatient spaces in the NIHR Cambridge Clinical Research Facility, where participants can take part in research in a calm and relaxing setting, away from the hospital environment, and where they are looked after by a highly trained and experienced research team.

We are grateful to all those who contribute to our research year-on-year and without them our research would not be possible. Our discoveries are their discoveries.


Research in Cambridge is supported by internationally recognised experts in a range of health specialties. Our partnership with the University of Cambridge and Cambridge University Hospitals means we work with the best academics and clinicians in the world.

Collaboration with the NIHR Cambridge BRC provides you access to world-leading academics and facilities to help you answer some of the most challenging questions in healthcare.

You can identify and contact potential academic collaborators via our research theme contact pages or through our R&D department who can put you in touch with the right team.

Our Office for Translational Research can also help you identify suitable collaborators and connect you to local networks. They can assist with identification of small- to medium-sized enterprise-eligible funding sources and development of appropriate research proposals.

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