Taking part in research

Cambridge University Hospitals (CUH) are dedicated to making biomedical research both relevant and accessible to the general public, to patients and their carers. There are a number of ways in which you can get involved.

Not all involve taking part in a clinical trial; members of the public can join CUH’s patient & public involvement panel where you are asked to review research protocols and patient information leaflets, or you can take part in other ways. Visit the Research & Development pages on the CUH website to find out more.

You can learn about the research we do here at the NIHR Cambridge BRC with our one minute videos with the theme leads.

Volunteering for a research study

You don’t have to have a health condition to take part in research, we also need healthy volunteers. One of the ways you can take part in research by joining the NIHR BioResource, whether you are a healthy volunteer or have a health condition. Watch the short video below to find out what being part of the NIHR BioResource involves.

Children’s research

This is Katie who has taken part in the artificial pancreas study at our NIHR Cambridge Clinical Research Facility. Katie met children’s research nurse Janet Allen, to discuss why children are asked to take part in research studies and the work happening with the artificial pancreas.

Getting involved

The following animation explains a little about what clinical research is and encourages you to ask about involvement.

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