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Professor Rebecca Fitzgerald

Theme lead: Rebecca Fitzgerald

Rebecca Fitzgerald OBE MD FMedSCi is Professor of Cancer Prevention and Director of the Early Cancer Institute at the University of Cambridge, and practices medicine as an Honorary Consultant in Gastroenterology and Cancer Medicine at Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

Rebecca’s work on a minimally invasive technology for early detection of oesophageal cancer has been held up as an exemplar for bringing a new technology from conception through to implementation in the NHS and beyond.

Rebecca has contributed to evidence reviews and policy work around screening including for the Department of Health in the UK and recently for the European Commission.


Dr Deborah Vickers

Theme co-lead: Deborah Vickers

Deborah Vickers PhD is the Principal Investigator leading the SOUND (Sensory Optimisation Using Neuroscience for Devices) Lab.

Deborah’s research includes the development of diagnostic tests for measuring cochlear dead regions, developing virtual reality and auditory training to improve outcomes in paediatric cochlear implant users and developing objective diagnostic measures for assessing hearing and monitoring brain changes in adults and children using hearing devices.

Deborah was instrumental in creating and compiling evidence for recent changes in candidacy criteria in the NICE (National Institute of Health and Care Excellence) guidelines on cochlear implants.


Name Job title Email
Professor Manohar Bance
Professor of Otology and Skull Base Surgery Neurosciences (ENT)
Professor Brian Huntly Professor of Leukaemia Stem Cell Biology and Head of Haematology
Dr Rajesh Jena Academic radiation oncologist and data science lead for CRUK RadNet Research Programme Neuro-oncology
Dr Paul Kirk Research Group Leader in Statistics and Machine Learning Statistics
Professor George Malliaras Prince Philip Professor of Technology, leader Bioelectronics Engineering
Professor Andrew McCaskie Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery and Head of the Department of Surgery Orthopaedics
Dr Fotios Sampaziotis Clinician Scientist Hepatology