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Theme lead Professor James B. Rowe

Theme lead: Professor James Rowe

As Professor of Cognitive Neurology, James Rowe studies the mechanisms and potential treatments for dementias and neurodegenerative disease including Alzheimer’s disease. Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, Parkinson’s disease and frontotemporal dementia. He trained in medical sciences and experimental psychology at Cambridge, before clinical studies in Oxford and his PhD at the Institute of Neurology, London. After further specialist training in Copenhagen, he returned to Cambridge in 2005. He is Associate Director of DPUK, leading the academic-industrial partnership for experimental medicine. He leads the Centre for Frontotemporal Dementia and the Clinical program within the Centre for Parkinson-plus, together with regional NHS clinics for these disorders. The integration of multimodal brain imaging, genetics, pharmacology and computational modelling provides a powerful platform to understand neurological disease, and to assess the efficacy of novel treatments.


Dr Caroline Williams-Gray - co-theme lead

Theme co-lead: Dr Caroline Williams-Gray 

Caroline Williams-Gray is a clinician scientist and neurologist specializing in Parkinson’s disease (PD) and PD-associated dementia. She studied medicine at Cambridge University and then Oxford Clinical School, graduating in 2001, and gained her PhD from Cambridge University in 2008 for studies investigating the cognitive heterogeneity of PD. Following neurology training in Cambridge, Norwich and London, and then a Clinical Lectureship in Cambridge, she was awarded an MRC Clinician Scientist Fellowship in 2018. She leads the Cambridge Parkinson’s Disease Research Clinic, as well as community-based longitudinal cohort studies in PD: these studies provide a platform for clinical phenotyping, genetics, neuroimaging and biomarker studies, all of which contribute to our understanding of disease heterogeneity and facilitate the development of targeted treatment approaches for different PD subtypes. Her research lab has a particular interest in the contribution of the immune system to the progression of neurodegenerative disease and the development of immune-based therapeutics for PD and related conditions.



Name Job title Email
Shaline Fazal BRC-NDD theme coordinator
John O’ Brien
Professor of Old Age Psychiatry and Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist
Franklin Aigbirhio Director of PET (Radiochemistry) Sciences and Professor of Molecular Imaging Chemistry
Emma Cutting Senior Clinical Trials Coordinator
Roger Barker Professor Clinical Neuroscience and Honorary Consultant Neurologist
Carol Brayne

Director of Cambridge Institute of Public Health
Sir David Klenerman
Professor of biophysical chemistry
David Rubinsztein
Professor of Molecular Neurogenetics
Hugh Markus
Professor of Stroke Medicine
Annelies Quaegebeur
Consultant Neuropathologist
Tim Rittman Senior Clinical Research Associate
Maria Grazia-Spillantini Professor of Molecular Neurology
Ben Underwood CPFT honorary consultant old age psychiatrist
Carola Bibiane Schönlieb Professor of Applied Mathematics
Professor Matthew Lambon Ralph Professor and Unit Director MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit
Patrick Chinnery Professor of Neurology, head of the Department of Clinical Neurosciences and an Honorary Consultant Neurologist