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This page has the latest PPI training and opportunities for involvement
for researchers, patients and the public living in and around Cambridge.
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23 September 2021.

For members of the public

Involvement opportunities

Public Contributors, NIHR CRN Eastern: deadline 10th October 2021

Are you passionate about improving health and social care research, which leads to better care and treatment?

The National Institute for Health Research’s Clinical Research Network (Eastern region) is looking for Public Contributors to help shape our work. The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is the employing organisation.

We are looking for Public Contributors, who are enthusiastic about research, to join our Executive and Partnership Groups.

What is important to us is that Public Contributors have a real interest in health and social care research and in making sure that participants’ views and needs are considered in making decisions about research.

You will need to be happy to attend meetings in Norwich with our Senior Managers, Senior Hospital Managers and Clinical Directors.

Time commitment:

The Partnership Group will require a Public Contributor to work for approximately six hours per meeting. Meetings are held at least three times per year.

The Executive Group will require a Public Contributor to work for approximately 6 hours per meeting. Meetings are held at least every 6 weeks.

We are interested in working with people who are new to this kind of role, so if you are not sure if you have the skills and experience, but are interested, please get in touch. You will be given support to grow into the role and no previous experience is needed.

Click here for the recruitment pack, which includes details of the role. If you cannot access this, please contact us on:

E: crneasternppi@nihr.ac.uk or T: 01603 287 670

If we don’t answer the phone, please leave a message and we will call you back. We are still working from home some of the time due to Covid measures.

Public contributor for the NIHR Evidence Editorial Board

The NIHR Centre for Engagement and Dissemination (CED) leads NIHR’s work in disseminating research to improve health and social care. They produce plain language, accessible summaries of NIHR-funded research (published journal articles and reports). The Editorial Board chooses papers, looking for research that is based on sound science, new or unknown, actionable and relevant to practice (it can be awareness-raising rather than necessarily changing practice) and of relevance and interest to patients and the public.

There are positions for two members of the public to join the Editorial Board. You will bring insights and experiences to support decision-making, in particular highlighting the potential public interest in the papers reviewed.

Board members are asked to review 10-15 research papers/abstracts per week and attend a 90 minute Editorial Board meeting once a month (currently held remotely on Zoom). This should take the equivalent of three working days per month – half a day per week to review each batch of papers, and half a day to prepare for and attend the monthly Board meeting.

You will also be asked to review and provide feedback on public-facing products. This could include the language used in our Alerts, ideas for our other products (Collections and Themed Reviews), and the layout of the website.

The position will be for one year, in the first instance.

You can find more information, and apply for this role here: https://www.nihr.ac.uk/vacancies/public-contributor-for-the-nihr-evidence-editorial-board/28606

Survey about use of AI in healthcare

Researchers in Imperial College London are investigating the influence of demographic factors on public perception regarding the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in health and care in England. Do personal characteristics (such as age and race) influence how you view the use of AI in health and care? https://imperial.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_cSbwPmkgsIz4HjM

For researchers

Training opportunity

Introducing the NIHR INCLUDE online course

Are you interested in improving the inclusion of under-served groups in health research, but not sure where to start? Have you ever wondered why it is so important to include under-served groups in health research? And what do we even mean by ‘under-served’?

These questions – and more – can be answered by INCLUDE’s free online course, established in partnership with our colleagues in NIHR Workforce, Learning and Organisational Development. It is free to register on the NIHR Learn platform. Why not check out INCLUDE’s online course today?

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