PPI opportunities

This page has the latest PPI training and opportunities for involvement for researchers, patients and the public living in and around Cambridge.

Please note that these are external events and the CUH PPI Team is not involved with their organisation or management, unless otherwise stated.

If you have any questions, please reach out via the avenues provided for each opportunity.

All information on this page is renewed weekly – last updated on 13 June 2024.

Patient taking part in research

Disease Modification and Pain Relief in Osteoarthritis

Date: Monday June 24  Time: 11:00 – 13:00 in Seminar room 6, University of Cambridge Clinical School, Cambridge CB2 0SP 

  • We have identified a possible new drug target for treating osteoarthritis pain of and the underlying condition itself.
  • To advance our research, we intend to apply to Versus Arthritis for funding. To do this most effectively, we would like to hear from people with lived experience of osteoarthritis to learn about how it affects their lives and gain input on future research directions.
  • The session will involve a short presentation, followed by some questions to participants to get discussion going.
  • We have a track record of making educational videos and animations, for example, here is a link to a film we make about living with bowel disease (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOiNI0qREsI). We would particularly like to hear about what future educational resources we could develop alongside our research.
  • Participants will be paid £75 (the half-day NIHR rate), refreshments will be provided, and bus travel reimbursed.

To sign up and for more information: https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/corpus/disease-modification-and-pain-relief-in-osteoarthritis/e-obrqlg

Email: Ewan St. John Smith, es336@cam.ac.uk

Understanding clinical research and how you can help shape it!

Date: Monday 24 June Time: 1.00–2:30 Online

How do doctors and scientists learn more about human health and disease through research?

Join this information session to find out about the different types of clinical research and the ‘rules’ and processes researchers follow to turn an idea into a scientific discovery.

Online Link to sign up: https://bit.ly/UnCRshape

Cambridge Patient and Public Involvement Showcase

Tuesday 25 June 2024 from 10.00am to 3.00pm

Venue: Atrium and Seminar Rooms, Jeffrey Cheah Biomedical Centre, Puddicombe Way, Cambridge, CB2 0AW.

Join us for this free in-person event for members of the public, carerspatients and research staff, as we celebrate the impact that public involvement has had on local research.

The showcase will have morning and afternoon sessions with live talks, and a poster-and-networking session with light lunch and refreshments.

Listen to researchers talk about their work and browse their posters – and find out how patient and public involvement is crucial to their work. Discover how researchers – with patient involvement – are using music therapy, apps, theatre, poetry workshops and gardening groups to engage patients and communicate key messages about their research. Some of the medical areas covered include: paediatric neurorehabilitation; paediatric IBD (inflammatory bowel disease); neuroblastoma; chronic breathlessness; cardiovascular disease and genetic risk; dementia; rare diseases; cancer; neonatal intensive care; and chronic diarrhoea.

Find out also how patient groups helped researchers improve patient information sheet accessibility and inclusivity, and help them assess the acceptability of using drones to deliver emergency medical assistance among other topics.

Book your ticket(s)
To book a ticket for the morning session visit: https://bit.ly/CambPPIweek-AM
and/or afternoon session visit: https://bit.ly/CambPPIweek-PM

You are welcome to book both and join us for the poster exhibition over a light lunch from 12 noon to 1.00pm too!

Researchers at NIHR Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre, Cambridge Stem Cell Institute, Anglia Ruskin University, University of Cambridge, Cambridge University Hospitals and our partners across the region are at the forefront of research tackling some of the major health challenges of our time.

Patient and public involvement in this research is crucial and this event aims to showcase and celebrate the difference public involvement has and is making today.

If you are interested in finding out more about health research and how the public has helped make a difference to the research, this event is for you. Network with researchers and the public highlighting the valuable work that is going on in the community.

Getting involved in Cambridge – Come meet our public involvement teams!

Thursday 27 June 2024 from 11.00am to 2.00pm

Venue: David Dunn Suite (walk through Addenbrooke’s main entrance, turn left and first door on right) Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 0QQ

Meet friendly health, community and research organisations who are looking for volunteers (members of the public) to get involved in their work in the city of Cambridge and across the region. No experience is required!

Find out more about involvement opportunities and how your experience can help our researchers improve their research.

Who will be there

Cambridge Cancer Centre, Institute of Metabolic Science, Cambridge Stem Cell Institute, Cambridge Clinical School of Medicine, School of Biology Science, CUH Active, CUHP, CUH Foundation Trust membership, CUH Patient and Public Involvement Lead, Anglia Ruskin University and NIHR Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre.

If you’re a researcher, find out how PPI panels can help your research.

Link to help us manage capacity by booking first: https://bit.ly/MeetPPIteams or just drop in!

Opportunity to join Use MY Data

Use MY data is the only independent UK movement of patients, relatives and carers focussed on the use of patient data to save lives and improve outcomes.  The more Members and Associate Members we have, the stronger our voice becomes in campaigning for patient data to be used to save lives and improve treatments. 

Our Vision, mission and aims are published here.    

It is free to join, is free to take part in and is free to leave.  To highlight the benefits of joining us:

  • Being part of a community, which works to build confidence in the use of patient data to save lives and improve outcomes.
  • Receiving regular updates about patient data matters including engagement opportunities, event information, patient data developments.
  • The opportunity for your voice to be heard directly on patient data consultations and matters.
  • Exclusive access to Members educational sessions on patient data topics, specifically run for our Membership on topics suggested by Members.
  • Priority access to use MY data’s public events.
  • Receiving personal guidance & support on patient data matters and queries.

Our Information & Guidance document for our Membership is available here  and includes details of:  

  • The core purpose of use MY data
  • What use MY data does not do 
  • The position of use MY data on patient data matters
  • Transparency – use MY data’s guiding principles.

Age UK Cambs & Pboro: offering carer respite and friendship

Being a carer is very rewarding but can have a massive impact on your life. It’s important to take care of yourself too. Our Day Services and Friendship Clubs provide vital respite for carers.

Find out more about our clubs on our website: https://bit.ly/41PzBJP