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PPI Information sessions for members of the public

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Are you interested in learning more about particular healthcare topics?

Throughout the year, the PPI panel are invited to attend online talks with researchers who will provide an update on their latest research and answer questions from the panel members. You can watch the previous meeting by clicking on the video below.

If you would like to become a PPI panel member, you can find out more information or register your interest. Everyone is welcome, you do not need any healthcare experience, just an interest in health research and are willing to share your opinions.

The Kavli Centre for Ethics, Science and the Public – Talk with Dr Richard Milne – August 2022

Scientific research can result in progress that transforms the lives of patients, but it can also raise concerns and questions for society.

There are big questions around who bears responsibility for the ethical implications of new scientific discoveries and how the views of the public can shape the direction and requirements of scientific research.

The new Kavli Centre for Ethics, Science and the Public at the University of Cambridge will tackle these critical questions.

Join Dr Richard Milne, Deputy Director and Lead for Research at the centre, to learn more on this fascinating topic.

The development and regulation of medical devices, with Dr Anita Marguerie de Rotrou – May 2022

How are new medical devices developed and tested for healthcare? In this public talk, Dr Anita Marguerie de Rotrou, Head of the Office for Translational Research at the University of Cambridge explains how new medical devices are developed, tested, and then regulated once they are on the market.

What is translational research? With Dr Amanda Stranks – April 2022

The NIHR Cambridge BRC undertakes ‘translational research’, which is often described as translating laboratory research into a clinical setting, but what does this mean?

In this talk Dr Amanda Stranks, PPI Strategy Lead at the NIHR Cambridge BRC covered:

This talk also includes real-life examples of translational research at the NIHR Cambridge BRC.

  • Basic research’ in the lab
  • Applying what we learn in the lab to clinical trials in humans
  • How the care patients receive in hospitals changes based on new findings

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how is it used in health research? With Dr Raj Jena – March 2022

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