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The Cambridge Patient Led Research Hub (PLRH) supports patient ledPatient Led Research Hub logo research, working in partnership with charities and patient groups to deliver clinical studies based on patients’ own research questions.

Patients understand their condition and healthcare needs better than many medical professionals do. They may also have important ideas about what research would be most beneficial to their lives. However, due to the complexity and cost involved in running clinical trials, most research originates with the pharmaceutical industry or academic researchers.

The PLRH was established in 2015 by members of the Cambridge Clinical Trials Unit (CCTU) from the University of Cambridge and Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. We accept research ideas on any healthcare topic, and if the idea is feasible, we’ll help you co-produce your research with researchers and clinical experts.

PLRH strategy and governance are reviewed by the NIHR Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre and the Cambridge University Health Partners’ Patient and Public Involvement Research Oversight Committee. The PLRH receives indirect funding from the NIHR via the CCTU.

Find out more and submit your research idea on the PLRH website.

Research in numbers 

Since its inception, 50 ideas for new research studies have been submitted from charities and members of the public.

Find out more about suggesting a research topic on the PLRH website, or watch their recent talk on how the team supports research ideas at Cambridge University Hospitals.


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Created in February 2022

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