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Theme lead: Professor Ferdia Gallagher

Professor Ferdia Gallagher is a Cancer Research UK Senior Research Fellow, Head of the Department of Radiology at the University of Cambridge, and an Honorary Consultant Radiologist at Cambridge University Hospitals. He leads the Clinical Molecular Imaging Group in the Department of Radiology and the preclinical imaging group in the Anne McLaren Building on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus.

He has expertise in metabolic imaging using MRI and PET for stratification of tumours and response to therapy. The group has a particular interest in understanding the molecular basis of metabolism in a range of cancers, and how novel non-invasive imaging methods to probe this metabolism can be translated into patient studies. The ultimate goal of his work is to develop new imaging biomarkers of early detection and treatment response for patient benefit.


Name Job Title Area of research Email
Professor Franklin I. Aigbirhio Director of PET (Radiochemistry) Radiotracers, Neuroscience
Dr Tristan Barrett Honorary Consultant Radiologist Prostate imaging
Dr Tomasz Matys Honorary Consultant Radiologist Neuroimaging
Professor Martin J Graves Professor of MR Physics/ Honorary Consultant Clinical Scientist Cardiac imaging
Dr Andrew Priest Clinical Scientist Renal imaging
Dr Jonathan Weir-McCall University Lecturer Cardiothoracic imaging
Dr Luigi Aloj University Lecturer Novel PET tracers
Dr Roie Manavaki PET Physicist Image reconstruction
Dr Karen Eley Clinical Lecturer Head & Neck imaging
Dr Chris Rodgers MRI Physicist 7T MRI
Dr Joshua Kaggie MRI Physicist Deuterium/sodium MRI