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Theme lead: Professor Fiona Gilbert

Professor Gilbert is Head of Department of Radiology at the University of Cambridge.  Her role is to provide leadership to the diverse imaging community at the university and she is responsible for imaging research and radiological undergraduate teaching.  Professor Gilbert’s clinical work and research is focused on all imaging techniques relating to breast cancer and oncology.  She is interested in multimodal functional imaging with MRI and PET of the tumour environment using breast cancer as a model and correlating this with the tumour genetic profile.  She also undertakes research in Tomosynthesis and contrast enhanced mammography. She maintains a strong interest in musculo-skeletal imaging.

She is President elect of the European Society of Breast Imaging, Chair of the RSNA scientific programme breast subcommittee and a member of the NIHR Imaging CLRN committee. She is being awarded an Honorary membership of RSNA in December 2019.

Theme lead contact details:

Name Job title Email address
Professor Franklin I. Aigbirhio Director of PET (Radiochemistry)
Dr Tristan Barrett Honorary Consultant Radiologist
Dr Ferdia A Gallagher Honorary Consultant Radiologist
Professor Jonathan H Gillard Honorary Consultant Radiologist
Professor David J Lomas Clinical MRI
Dr Tomasz Matys Honorary Consultant Radiologist
Dr Andrew Patterson Clinical Scientist
Dr Martin Graves Consultant Clinical Scientist
Dr Andrew Priest Clinical Scientist