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Theme lead: Dr Menna ClatworthyDr Menna Clatworthy, NIHR Cambridge BRC Theme Lead for Capacity Building

Dr Menna Clatworthy is a University Lecturer at the University of Cambridge and an Honorary Consultant Nephrologist. Whilst a nephrology trainee at Cambridge she undertook a PhD in the Department of Medicine (Clatworthy and Smith J Exp Med 2004, Lanoue*/Clatworthy* et al. J Exp Med 2004, Floto*/Clatworthy* et al. Nature Med 2005, Clatworthy et al. Proc Nat Acad Sci USA 2006 and won the British Renal Association Raine Award and the MRS/AMS Young Investigator award for this work. She subsequently completed a Wellcome Trust Intermediate Fellowship, working in Cambridge and the National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, USA. (Clatworthy et al. Proc Nat Acad Sci USA 2012, Espeli et al. J Exp Med 2012, Angulo et al. Science 2013). Menna took up her current post in 2012 and her research focuses on the generation and effector function of antibodies and their targeting in kidney transplantation and kidney-specific immunity (Subramanian et al. Cell 2013, Clatworthy et al. Nature Med 2014, Clatworthy et al Proc Nat Acad Sci USA 2014). Dr Clatworthy teaches and mentors students/trainees in her roles as Director of Studies at Pembroke College, Director of the NIH-OxCam PhD Programme, and Director of the MPhil in Clinical Sciences (Genetics and Rare Diseases).

Theme lead contact details:

Name Job title Email address
Prof Ian Wilkinson Honorary Consultant Lead, Experimental Medicine training for clinicians
Prof Krishna Chatterjee Honorary Consultant Director of Wellcome Trust Clinicians PhD Programme, Cambridge
Prof Christi Deaton Professor of Clinical Nursing Research
Prof Paul Lehner Honorary Consultant Director of Wellcome Trust Infection and Immunity PhD programme, Cambridge
Prof Andrew McCaskie Honorary Consultant Director of Academic Foundation programme
Dr Alvis Brazma Senior Scientist at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory-European Bioinformatics Institute. Lead Cambridge BRC EBPOD fellowship scheme