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Any research due to be published that the NIHR Cambridge BRC has funded and/or supported must be reported to the NIHR via the NIHR Cambridge BRC communications team. It will then be uploaded to the publications page on our website. In order to do this, we need some details regarding your research on the form below.

The NIHR Cambridge BRC communications team may be in contact with you for further information or about developing the research story further for other public materials.

Press releases

All press releases need to be sent to the NIHR central team 14 days in advance, or as soon as you know about it. Whether written by the NIHR Cambridge BRC or another organisation, please take this into consideration when submitting a paper. 

If your research is primarily funded and/ or supported by the NIHR Cambridge BRC, the communications team may be able to help produce a local press release or article for you. The team can advise if the story will likely be picked up by journalists or make suggestions.

If you are working with another communications team for your research story (for example, the University or CRUK) please let us know, and we will liaise with them. Make sure the NIHR Cambridge BRC is acknowledged correctly in the press release, advice can be found on our acknowledgement page.

Please be aware:
– the communications team will need as much information as possible,
– the team require a minimum of five working days notice to write a press release / article.

Contact the communications team if you have any questions. Further information about branding or acknowledging the NIHR Cambridge BRC correctly in research papers or press releases can be found on our website.

Research form

    The boxes marked * are the information required for reporting this publication to the NIHR

    If you do not have this information yet, please leave blank and email the comms team when the published date has been made available.

    If you do not have this information yet, please leave blank and email the comms team when the link has been made available.

    *How was the NIHR Cambridge BRC used for this research?


    *Will there be a press release attached to this paper?


    If yes, who will be writing the press release so the NIHR Cambridge BRC comms team can get in contact with them.


    Optional additional information
    We are always looking for research stories so we can share these on our our local channels and use in event materials. If you are able to fill in some details about your work below we would appreciate it.

    Can we use this research as a case study for reports, leaflets, newsletter, website etc.?

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