Career trajectory support for healthcare professionals

  • Collaborative multi-professional mentoring, networking and training
  • Support/training in PPIE and leadership
  • Inclusion of under-represented groups
Pre-Doctoral Doctoral Post-Doctoral / Mid-career
Early Research Experience for NMAPs & Pre-PhD research placements for PhD Programme awardees Co-fund Doctoral fellowships:
• CITIID (Cambridge Institute of Therapeutic Immunology & Infectious Disease)
• Experimental Medicine Initiative
Cambridge/University of East Anglia
Post-doctoral bridging for NMAPs
Research experience for Specialist Foundation Year trainees PhD Programme for Healthcare Professionals Eureka Leadership Fellowships (
One year pump-priming fellowships for NMAPs & Medics co-funded with Addenbrookes Charitable Trust NIHR, HEE/NIHR and Charity fellowships Advanced NIHR, HEE/NIHR and Charity fellowships
Support for HEE NMAP research internships & bridging fellowships Mentoring & Networking
NIHR pre-doctoral fellowships
Masters in Urology with Anglia Ruskin University
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