Welcome to our new Patient and Public Involvement coordinator

Gail will be working with Dr Amanda Stranks, Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) Strategy Lead, to help researchers design PPI plans for their studies and run training sessions.

Gail will also be the first point of contact for our 70+ PPI panel members and will be welcoming new volunteers when they join.

Welcome Gail, tell us about yourself, what was your previous role and what do you like to do in your spare time?

I previously worked for the Ophthalmology department, as a theatre coordinator.

Prior to this, I was responsible for rebuilding both the paediatric Sleep Study and Long-Term Ventilation services for children with respiratory disorders.

I am currently studying a BA (hons) degree in English Literature and Creative Writing in my spare time.

What made you want to work in research?

The word research is derived from the Middle French ‘recherché’ which means ‘to go about seeking’. I have always been curious and I believe my fondness of research was built on this foundation.

What are you looking forward to in this role?

Learning, facilitating and possibly making a small contribution to the vast world of research.

If you need help with your Patient and Public Involvement contact the team at: cuh.ppi@nhs.net

Gail Holloway
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