Nita Forouhi
Researcher awarded prestigious Academy of Medical Sciences Fellowship

Congratulations to Professor Nita Forouhi, NIHR Senior Investigator and co-theme lead for Nutrition, Obesity, Metabolism and Endocrinology, who has been elected as a fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences.Read more

Fellows of the Royal Society 2024
Cambridge researchers elected as Fellows of the Royal Society 2024

Congratulations to our NIHR Cambridge BRC researchers who have been elected as Fellows of the Royal Society, the UK’s national academy of sciences.Read more

Opal Sandy gene therapy trial
Baby born deaf can hear after breakthrough gene therapy

A baby girl born deaf can hear unaided for the first time, after receiving ground-breaking gene therapy trial supported by the NIHR Cambridge BRC. Read more

Decorative image
Study highlights increased risk of second cancers among breast cancer survivors

Survivors of breast cancer are at significantly higher risk of developing second cancers, including endometrial and ovarian cancer for women and prostate cancer for men, according to new research studying data from almost 600,000 NHS England patients.Read more

Infants with brain injury may face social/emotional and behavioural complications, NIHR Cambridge BRC-supported study suggests

Babies who suffer brain injury before, during or shortly after birth because of lack of oxygen to the brain may face longer-term socioemotional and psychological complications, research supported by the NIHR Cambridge BRC Read more

Woman with stomach pain
Treating newly-diagnosed Crohn’s patients with advanced therapy leads to dramatic improvements in outcomes

A large-scale clinical trial of treatment strategies for Crohn’s disease has shown that offering early advanced therapy to all patients straight after diagnosis can drastically improve outcomes, including by reducing the number of people requiring urgent abdominal surgery for treatment of their disease by ten-fold.Read more

Patient with clinician
Study estimates number of patients for potential new Alzheimer’s disease treatments

Clinical researchers at Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust and South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust have collaborated to model how many patients might receive new treatments for Alzheimer’s disease currently under review.Read more

Cambridge launches clinical trial to test new drug for a rare lung condition

People with pulmonary sarcoidosis are being invited to take part in an international clinical trial at Cambridge University Hospitals. Read more

Cambridge-led study discovers cause of pregnancy sickness – and potential treatment

A study supported by NIHR Cambridge BRC has shown why many women experience nausea and vomiting during pregnancy – and why some women become so sick they need to be admitted to hospital.Read more

Jason Domingo, senior clinical research charge nurse, poster winner
Research nurse’s poster on complex cancer study wins first prize at public event

Jason Domingo, senior clinical research charge nurse from the NIHR Cambridge Clinical Research Facility has won the poster competition at the NIHR Cambridge BRC open eveningRead more

Newborn babies at risk from bacteria commonly carried by mothers

One in 200 newborns is admitted to a neonatal unit with sepsis caused by a bacteria commonly carried by their mothers – much greater than the previous estimate, say Cambridge researchers.Read more

Prestigious NIHR Research Professorship awarded to Cambridge researcher

Congratulations to co-theme lead for the NIHR Cambridge BRC Data Science and Population Health theme, Professor Angela Wood, who has been awarded an NIHR research professorship.Read more

Cambridge announced as a major collaborator in new paediatric HealthTech Research Centre

NIHR Cambridge BRC researchers will be supporting a new paediatric research centre hosted by Sheffield, which aims to develop new technologies that improve healthcare in children and young people.  Read more

Blood vials being placed in centrifuge
Lab-grown ‘small blood vessels’ point to potential treatment for major cause of stroke and vascular dementia

Cambridge scientists have grown small blood vessel-like models in the lab and used them to show how damage to the scaffolding that support these vessels can cause them to leak, leading to conditions such as vascular dementia and stroke.Read more

Commercial Research update

From Mid-October as part of work to improve the set-up of commercial studies in the UK, local contract negotiation is changing in Stage 2 of the National Contract Value Review (NCVR).Read more

World-first trial to provide hearing for children with rare type of genetic hearing loss launches in Cambridge

NIHR Cambridge BRC is supporting a world-first trial to see whether gene therapy can provide hearing for children with severe to profound hearing loss due to a rare genetic condition.Read more

Obesity accelerates loss of COVID-19 vaccination immunity, study finds

A new study has found the protection offered by COVID-19 vaccination declines more rapidly in people with severe obesity than in those with normal weight. It suggests that people with obesity are likely to need more frequent booster doses to maintain their immunity.Read more

Surgery at CUH
New study recommends replacing skull section after brain bleed treatment

A new trial has found – where possible – surgeons should replace the removed section of the skull following surgery to treat a form of brain bleed. Researchers say the approach will save patients undergoing skull reconstruction further down the line.Read more

Volunteers needed for new needle-free coronavirus vaccine at CRF

Recruitment is underway in Cambridge for volunteers to take part in clinical trials of a revolutionary new needle-free vaccine to protect against COVID-19.Read more

Prof Patrick Yu Wai Man
Cambridge researcher wins prestigious award for rare eye disease gene replacement therapy research

Neuroscience researcher Professor Patrick Yu-Wai-Man has won the 2023 Ludwig von Sallmann Clinician-Scientist Award from the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) Foundation.
The award was given in recognition of Prof Read more

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