How to confirm Research Activity in CPMS

Do I upload recruitment activity in Edge or CPMS?

Unless your study is an EXCEPTION, all your recruitment activity should be uploaded into Edge only – there should be no duplication of data entry.

If you are working on an exception study, you should already be aware and know where and to whom you should be sending recruitment activity. If you need assistance with whom you should be sending recruitment activity to for an exception study, please email:

Not sure if your study is an exception study? Please click on this spreadsheet (updated 09.12.19), which lists the studies currently open at Cambridge University Hospitals and whether their recruitment activity needs to be uploaded to Edge (LPMS) or CPMS.

This spreadsheet is not accurate by status of study, but raw data only to indicate the method that recruitment activity needs to be uploaded (EDGE or CPMS). This list will be updated monthly.

If the study you are looking for does not appear on the list, or you need further assistance, please email


  • You should upload recruitment activity for portfolio studies to Edge
  • Unless your study is listed as an exception (see spreadsheet)
  • Do NOT duplicate data by entering it into both Edge and CPMS

Edge seminar updates

New dates will be confirmed soon.

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These are informal sessions that last no more than an hour and include:

  • Short introduction to the changes
  • Video Presentation
  • Key FACTS: What you need to know
  • Q&A Session
  • Details of how to book further Edge training

All research staff must attend one of these drop-in sessions, if they haven’t already done so. The sessions apply to all research staff.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more please contact the email below.

Edge Learning Resources

  • What is research activity data? (5:58 mins)

  • Watch the short video below to find out about changes to the way the CRN captures research activity data through LPMS/CPMS (4:08 mins)

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