How does Gut Reaction help researchers?


Gut Reaction provides the world’s largest single repository of data from people with IBD (Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis).

It contains information from more than 34,000 IBD patients who have consented to participate in the NIHR BioResource, including over 7000 patients for whom detailed hospital records are also held.

Researchers can search available data sets, and apply for access to the subsets of data to support their research.

Through Gut Reaction’s partner organisations AIMES and Microsoft Azure, researchers applying to access the data have a trusted location to combine data sets, and a secure virtual environment through which to access the de-identified data for analysis.

Together, these enable approved researchers to rapidly identify, access and analyse high-quality IBD data, thereby driving discovery and innovation.

Through Gut Reaction and the NIHR BioResource, it is also possible to invite people with IBD to take part in clinical studies and trials that might be suitable for them.

What does Gut Reaction do?

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