Funding announcement for our CRF

On Friday 18th November, the Department of Health announced a further £112 million investment into NIHR Clinical Research Facilities (CRFs) across the country.

Following a competitive application and assessment process, funding has been awarded to 23 NHS organisations. Provided over the next five years, the funding will pay for specialist research nurses and technical staff, as well as providing cutting-edge facilities to support clinical research and trials.

We can announce our NIHR/Wellcome Trust Cambridge Clinical Research Facility have had an uplift of a 6% increase in funding to £11.45 million commencing in 2017. Caroline Saunders, Director of Operations said: “We’re delighted with the funding we’ve been awarded to enable us to staff our expanding CRF, which will include four new research facilities due to open in the spring of 2017. This is excellent news for patients and healthy volunteers taking part in research and for our investigators.”

Minister for Public Health and Innovation Nicola Blackwood said: “UK researchers lead the world and our investment in this area so far has led to a variety of breakthroughs, including the first new asthma treatment in a decade, and a promising treatment for peanut allergies in children, to name just two.

“We know that such ground breaking research simply would not happen without the support of these Clinical Research Facilities. I’m delighted to announce this £112 million of extra funding to support the skilled personnel and cutting-edge facilities we need to keep the UK at the forefront of clinical research.”

Funding announcement
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