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Presentations by event organisers or NIHR representatives taking place within NIHR-hosted events must be on the correct NIHR slide template. For all NIHR fully- or part-funded or sponsored events, you should notify the BRC Communications team at least 28 days prior to the event. All promotional materials for these events should include the correct NIHR / sub-logo. Any promotional materials must be sent to the BRC Communications team for sign off.


If you produce a film which features research funded or supported by NIHR Cambridge BRC, CRF or BioResource, the title page should include the appropriate NIHR logo. It should also include an acknowledgement and a disclaimer (see above drop-down section for sample text).

The BRC Communications team should be notified at the start of the filming project and kept up-to-date with progress. They will also need to see the final version of the film and notify NIHR Central Commissioning Facility (CCF) for sign-off.


If you wish to film, photograph or interview research participants or members of staff to use on communication materials, they must first give their written consent.

Please contact your organisation’s communications department for the required consent forms or contact the BRC Communications team. The participant must also receive a copy for their records so they know who to get in touch with if they wish to withdraw their consent.

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