Displaying the NIHR identity correctly


The NIHR logo is the most important element of the revised NIHR identity. It now appears on the top left of all NIHR materials and no longer carries the NHS lozenge: NIHR infrastructures now have an individual logo (a ‘sub-logo’) which carries the NIHR abbreviation and name of site in full on the right-hand side (see below). alt=""

When to use the main NIHR logoalt=""

  • All NIHR logos now appear in the top left-hand side of the publication / webpage
  • You work for an NIHR organisation but the materials you are producing represent a collaboration between two or more NIHR organisations (e.g. NIHR Cambridge BRC and NIHR Cambridge CRF)
    • Refer to individual parts of the NIHR in your body copy

When to use the NIHR sub-logo

  • You work for an NIHR organisation and the materials you are producing promote research that the NIHR organisation you are representing has fully or partly supported or funded
  • Other partners’ logos (provided they are not also part of the NIHR) may be included if applicable, but cannot be bigger than the NIHR sub-logo
  • The sub-logo must appear in the top left-hand side of the publication / webpage

When to use the NIHR logos in partnership with other organisations 

  • The NIHR logo should be in equal proportion to the logo of its partners, but its position will depend on whether:
    • NIHR is a leading partner (i.e. the main single funder). The NIHR templates should be used with the NIHR logotype positioned top-left on the front page of corporate communication materials, OR:
    • The NIHR is a secondary partner (i.e. not the main funder). The logo can be positioned preferably bottom left on the front page

When to use the NIHR Funded/ Supported logos

  • You do not work for or are paid by the NIHR, but the research that you are promoting in your materials has been wholly or partly funded or supported by the NIHR (including Cambridge BRC)
  • Use your host institution’s templates such as posters, powerpoint presentations etc
  • Mention NIHR Cambridge BRC in the body of the text
  • Use either the NIHR Funded / Supported logo as appropriate towards the bottom
  • Include a relationship statement and disclaimer (see acknowledgement section, above) in the bottom half of your material
  • NEVER use the Funded / Supported logos in document headers or to displace the leading brand on materials
  • Examples of where these logos can be used include: study recruitment materials, communications and research dissemination materials, websites, social media, presentations, consent forms and patient questionnaires


NIHR templates should only be used if you are representing the NIHR and include posters, presentations, banners, business cards and letters.

To find out more about how to access templates, download logos and read more on the NIHR brand identity guidelines, contact our comms team at: cuh.brccomms@nhs.net

Download the NIHR Cambridge BRC poster template:

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