Edge at Cambridge University Hospitals

Since 2017 Cambridge University Hospitals (CUH) have been using Edge, a Local Portfolio Management System (LPMS), to capture clinical trials data and support the delivery and maintenance of research at CUH.

If you work on studies adopted to the NIHR Portfolio, it is a mandatory requirement to upload patient recruitment data to Edge.


  • LPMS / Edge data now feeds and flows directly to the Central Portfolio Management System (CPMS)
  • Edge covers Portfolio study recruitment only
  • For any questions contact the EDGE team.

Edge learning resources

In this section there are learning resources where you can find out more about Edge.

What is research activity data? (5:58 mins)

What are the changes to the way the CRN captures research activity data through LPMS/CPMS? (4:08 mins)

Step-by-step guide to confirm research activity in CPMS

In this section there is a short video presentation and documents to help guide you through the steps required for you to confirm research activity data in CPMS. You can also find out more about confirmation screen functionality and how to troubleshoot issues.

  • Guidance from the NIHR Clinical Research Network (PDF, v1.1 May 2019)
  • CUH Research Activity Data: New Updates (PDF, August 2019)
  • Confirming Research Activity Data: (mp4 video, 6:20mins)

Guidance for using Edge

Please note that the bitly links (which we use to shorten URL links) in the below resources are case sensitive.

Useful links and additional information

Do I upload recruitment activity in Edge or CPMS?

Unless your study is an EXCEPTION, all your recruitment activity should be uploaded into Edge only – there should be no duplication of data entry.

If you are working on an exception study, you should already be aware and know where and to whom you should be sending recruitment activity. If you need assistance with whom you should be sending recruitment activity to for an exception study, please email: cuh.edge@nhs.net

Not sure if your study is an exception study? If you need further assistance, please email cuh.edge@nhs.net.


  • You should upload recruitment activity for portfolio studies to Edge
  • Unless your study is listed as an exception (see spreadsheet)
  • Do NOT duplicate data by entering it into both Edge and CPMS

Edge training

We are currently offering EDGE End user Training via Zoom. This lasts around an hour and is suitable for all NHS staff with responsibility for confirming recruitment activity from EDGE in CPMS. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity for you and/or members of your team, please contact the CUH EDGE Team at cuh.edge@nhs.net in the first instance, with proposed dates and times that work for you.

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