Amy Bates

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m a research radiographer; I work within the Cambridge Cancer Trials Centre (CCTC) as the team lead for the radiotherapy portfolio

How did you get involved in research and what research are you doing? 

Amy Bates

I’ve been interested in research for a long time. To begin with, this was encompassed within my job role delivering radiotherapy (this will be the case for a lot of staff) and then I moved into a research based post over at the CCTC on a project called VoxTox.

Within this programme I’ve been involved in the development of the research protocol and data systems, going through ethics and setting up the study, talking to patients about the study, receiving their consent, collecting and analysing the research data.

Within the programme I have independently researched several sub-studies, these include: rates of acute toxicity in patients with head and neck cancer being treated with image guided intensity modulated radiotherapy and also in those being treated for prostate cancer. These findings have been presented at a national and international level. I have applied to the NIHR funding for a clinical doctoral fellowship and I am awaiting shortlisting.

How do you combine your clinical work with your research work?

My work is quite clinical as I talk to patients about taking part in research and receiving their consent as appropriate. I also develop a relationship with the patients as I collect information regularly from them so I have a close bond with them.

What advice would you give to someone who was thinking of carrying out their own research study?

It’s always worth developing a good research network as people think in different ways and this will help you look at the wider picture.

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