SMCL Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Hub

Uniquely, the facility is housed within the Genetic Laboratories of the East Anglian Medical Genetics Service, allowing us to offer researchers access to clinical grade next generation sequencing services. We offer a range of services from; nucleic acid extraction (from whole blood, buffy coat, tissue etc), full library preparation, sequencing only, and complete end to end services. We have a full suite of Illumina sequencing instruments (MiSeq (Dx), NextSeq 500, HiSeq 2500 & HiSeq 4000), which allows us to offer a large sequencing capacity. Allied to the sequencing equipment, we have a wide range of ancillary resources, including; Agilent Tapestation 4200, Qiagen QiaSymphony extraction platform, Covaris E220 Ultra-Sonicator, Beckman Biomek FXp Liquid Handling Automation Station, all of which is backed by our Clarity Gold Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).

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