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The NIHR BRC-MRC BioRepository is a modern laboratory based in the centre of Addenbrooke’s Hospital, providing research support for studies and trials on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus.  It has expertise in supporting small research projects through to large multi-site national studies where it receives, processes, stores, retrieves blood and other research material.  The facility has some of the most advanced automated systems for retrieving and arraying biological material for biomarker applications.  In addition to this, it has efficient and cost effective systems for extracting DNA, and can provide a full DNA QC and quantification service.  All the material that is processed in the laboratory is entered into a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS); this provides a full electronic chain of custody for samples.  The facility has monitored Ultra Low Temperature Freezers that can be used for short-term storage and a team of five expert staff to provide dedicated research support.

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