Core Biochemical Assay Laboratory (CBAL)

The majority of the 300+ different tests offered by CBAL use immunoassay technology. CBAL performs MesoScale Discovery, Luminex Magpix, DELFIA and ELISA assays plus those available on the Siemens Dimension EXL, Diasorin Liaison XL and Randox Daytona+ Autoanalysers.

CBAL has a good track record of developing novel high quality assays for biomarkers that are not readily available from commercial vendors.

The laboratory is located on Level 4 of the Addenbrooke’s Laboratory block. It currently has CPA-accreditation for its two most requested ‘clinical’ assays (insulin & c-peptide); other assays are unaccredited but performed to the highest standard. CBAL is staffed by up to seven highly experienced NHS Biomedical Scientists, funded by the NIHR Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre. All staff have received GCP training and participate in CPD schemes.

CBAL lab
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