Celebrating International Women’s Day 2023

Today marks International Women’s Day, celebrated globally on the 8th March it focuses on highlighting women, calling for equal opportunities and removing discrimination.

The NIHR Cambridge BRC is focusing on three women who make substantial contributions to health research. Click on their profiles below to find out more about their roles and why they believe more women are needed in research.​

Cherry May Sanchez

”Research is not your average desk job, and the fulfilment the job brings is far greater. So speak to people working in research, and don’t be afraid to ask to shadow in the area, research is fulfilling, motivating and exciting. Never be afraid to try new things!”

Cherry May Sanchez, Team lead and Cancer Research UK Senior Research Nurse.

Ana Toribio

“If you’re passionate about learning and discovery, then you have what is needed in research. Listen to your heart to choose the subject that captivates and motivates you, since research will present many challenges. And consciously develop a critical thinking and problem-solving approach.”

Ana Toribio, Stratified Medicine Core Laboratory Next Generation Sequencing (SMCL NGS) Hub Manager

Sabine Hein

“This day is so important because we need to recognise the hard work that women from all over the world, and from all backgrounds, do and achieve in all aspects of their lives, not just in their career.”

Sabine Hein, Senior Study Coordinator, NIHR BioResource

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