Publication: Annals

Linda M. O’Keeffe, PhD; Anna Ramond, DPharm; Clare Oliver-Williams, PhD; Peter Willeit, MD; Ellie Paige, PhD; Patrick Trotter, MBChB; Jonathan Evans, MBChB; Jonas Wadström, MD; Michael Nicholson, MD; Dave Collett, PhD; Emanuele Di Angelantonio, MD


Living kidney donors are not at increased risk for some health outcomes previously of concern, but do seem at risk for worse blood pressure and kidney function than nondonors. In addition, female donors seem to be at increased risk for preeclampsia.

A team lead by researchers reviewed 52 published studies comprising more than 100,000 living kidney donors and more than 110,000 nondonors to assess the mid- and long-term health risks associated with living kidney donation in adults.

The data showed that kidney donors had higher diastolic blood pressure, poorer renal function, and higher risk for ESRD than nondonors. Female donors had an almost two-fold higher risk than nondonors for pregnancy-related complications, such as preeclampsia.

There was no evidence that living kidney donors had higher risk for mortality, cardiovascular disease, or type 2 diabetes, or reduced quality of life.

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Publication: Nature

Norah M. E. Fogarty, Afshan McCarthy, Kirsten E. Snijders, Benjamin E. Powell, Nada Kubikova, Paul Blakeley, Rebecca Lea, Kay Elder, Sissy E. Wamaitha, Daesik Kim, Valdone Maciulyte, Jens Kleinjung, Jin-Soo Kim, Dagan Wells, Ludovic Vallier, Alessandro Bertero10, James M. A. Turner & Kathy K. Niakan

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Publication: Diabetes Obes Metab

El-Khairi R, Vallier L. 2016 Sep;18 Suppl 1:23

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Publication: Am J Transplant

Watson CJ, Kosmoliaptsis V, Randle LV, Russell NK, Griffiths WJ, Davies S, Mergental H, Butler AJ. 2016;16(1):353-7.

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Publication: J Heart Lung Transplant

Dijke EI, Platt JL, Blair P, Clatworthy MR, Patel JK, Kfoury AG, Cascalho M. B . 2016: S1053-2498(16)01286-9

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Publication: Cell Reports

Harper IG, Ali JM, Harper SJ, Wlodek E, Alsughayyir J, Negus MC, Qureshi MS, Motalleb-Zadeh R, Saeb-Parsy K, Bolton EM, Bradley JA, Clatworthy MR, Conlon TM, Pettigrew GJ. 2016;15(6):1214-27

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Publication: Curr Opin Organ Transplant

Inaba A, Clatworthy MR. 2016;21(4):419-26

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Publication: Curr Transplant Rep

Castro-Dopico T and Clatworthy MR. 2016;3(4):284-293.

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Publication: Transpl Int

Amin I, Butler AJ, Defries G, Russell NK, Harper SJ, Jah A, Saeb-Parsy K, Pettigrew GJ, Watson CJ. 2017 Jan 21.

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Publication: Clin Transplant

Mah TJ, Mallon DH, Brewster O, Saeb-Parsy K, Butler AJ, Bradley JA, Kosmoliaptsis V. 2017 Jan 23.

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