Capacity building

When we talk about “capacity building”, we simply mean the way we help to develop, train and support the next generation of researchers, scientists and non-medical health care professionals (NMHCPs).

This will help them to make a lasting contribution to translational research – in other words, research that moves (or ‘translates’) from the laboratory to the clinic where it can start to benefit patients.

We will do this through funding, supporting and mentoring:

  • NMHCPs and clinicians who want to carry out patient-centred research in the NHS and/or pursue a career in academic medicine
  • Researchers, biomedical scientists and MPhil students who want to develop their research skills, including how to work with and make sense of the “big data” now being collected across whole populations
  • Non-clinical PhD fellows to work on joint projects between Cambridge BRC and co-funder MedImmune, to increase rapid translation of research to the clinic (“bedside”)
  • Clinical PhD students undertaking experimental medicine research including clinical trials. We will work with international pharmaceutical companies that have a Cambridge base to provide this support.

We will also provide opportunities to work on cutting-edge genomic (the study of genes and their functions) technology, through our collaborations with the Sanger Wellcome Genome Campus and the European Bioinformatic Institute (EBI).