Clinical Research Facilities

Key areas on focus

  • To support conduct of experimental medicine campus-wide, including making newly-built, 1700m2, five floor Cambridge Clinical Research Centre operational.
  • An Experimental Medicine Operational Group, comprising CRF, CCTU, CTP, OTR and CUH R&D, will provide coordinated support for Experimental Medicine, including in collaboration with Industry.
  • Integration with other experimental medicine infrastructure both locally (e.g. new Papworth Hospital on Biomedical Campus) and nationally (e.g. experimental medicine via national network of CRFs).

The Clinical Research Facilities (CRF) theme of the Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre brings together existing and new components of NIHR-funded infrastructure: Clinical Research Facilities comprising the Addenbrooke’s Clinical Research Centre (ACRC) and a newly-built expansion or the Cambridge Clinical Research Centre (CCRC); the Cambridge Clinical Trials Unit (CCTU), the Office for Translational Research (OTR) and a Clinical Trials Pharmacy (CTP).

Operating autonomously but with complementary functions, these units provide an integrated service, enabling academic and pharma investigators to undertake Experimental Medicine and early phase clinical trials seamlessly, from study design to conduct of clinical research and data analysis, thereby maximising the potential for translational discovery and academic-pharma partnership. More information can be found in the infrastructure page under the ‘ACRC and CCRC’ section or on our website.