Clinical Research Facilities

There are four facilities on the Cambridge Biomedical Research Campus that work together to help clinical =“”researchers, pharmaceutical companies and patients. All receive funding from the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). They are:

Together their specialised world-class facilities and dedicated staff allow researchers and pharmaceutical companies to undertake experimental medicine (where new drugs are tested) and to provide evidence that discoveries and new treatments are feasible and could be better than existing treatments.

When this happens further clinical trials take place, potentially leading to discoveries that are translated (applied) to clinical practice, so that more patients benefit.

Key areas of focus

  • A new purpose-built five-storey Cambridge Clinical Research Centre, opening summer 2017
  • An Experimental Medicine Operational Group, with representation from all five clinical research facilities, Cambridge University Hospitals Research & Development department and pharmaceutical companies
  • Integration with local and national experimental medicine infrastructure.