NIHR Brand Guidelines

In February 2019 the NIHR launched its new, independent brand which aims to present a cohesive identity while acknowledging its partnerships with the NHS and others.

This new identity applies to all parts of the NIHR including Biomedical Research Centres. We are introducing the new brand incrementally over the coming months, with full implementation by 1 January 2020.

What’s changed?
  • The NIHR logotype is the single most important element of the NIHR identity and there is a new NIHR logo
  • This will no longer carry the NHS lozenge and will be in navy blue with a coral line
  • NIHR infrastructures will have individual logos (known as sub-logos) which will carry the NIHR abbreviation and name of site in full on the right-hand side
  • The NIHR logo and sub-logo now appear on the top left (and not top right) in documents, powerpoint presentations etc
  • There are new NIHR ‘stamps’ for use on posters, presentations etc to acknowledge NIHR support / funding
  • The colour palette and typeface have changed
  • The NIHR has introduced motifs for design
  • The disclaimer has been revised
  • The colour bar is no longer used

If you are a researcher who has received NIHR funding or support, you still need to acknowledge this in your reports, press releases and other printed and online communications:

  • Use the latest NIHR Brand Guidelines (v1.1) to implement its brand elements in your websites, social media, research outputs and other communications or marketing materials
  • Templates are available for slides, research posters and other applications – please contact the BRC communications team for more information. Please note that you should use NIHR templates only if you are acting as a representative of the NIHR Cambridge BRC; otherwise you should use your institution’s templates, but with an acknowledgement of NIHR funding / support. See pp38-39 of the NIHR Brand Guidelines for revised NIHR stamps which you can use in your printed and digital communications
  • NIHR logos and sub-logos are available from the BRC communications team
Acknowledgement guide

This document explains how to acknowledge the NIHR correctly in papers and press releases, and the steps you need to take when releasing press releases about your research. Please note this has changed slightly to reflect the new NIHR branding.

Using the NIHR logo
  • What logo should you use?
  • What size should the NIHR logo be on your documents?
  • What is the ‘exclusion zone’?

Find the answers in this short guide.

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