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Publication: Nature

Parkhill J., Dougan G., James K.D., Thomson N.R., Pickard D., Wain J., Churcher C., Mungall K.L., Bentley S.D., Holden M.T.G., Sebaihia M., Baker S., Basham D., Brooks K., Chillingworth T., Connerton P., Cronin A., Davis P., Davies R.M., Dowd L., White N., Farrar J., Feltwell T., Hamlin N., Haque A., Hien T.T., Holroyd S., Jagels K., Krogh A., Larson T.S., Leather S., Moule S., O’Goara P., Parry C., Quail M., Rutherford K., Simmonds M., Skelton J., Stevens K., Whitehead S. and B.G Barrell

25 October 2001

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