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Publication: European Respiratory Journal

Nathan SD, Barbera JA, Gaine SP, Harari, S, Martinez FJ, Olschewski H, Olsson KM, Peacock AJ, Pepke-Zaba J, Provencher S, Weissmann N, Werner Seeger W.

13 December 2018

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Publication: The Lancet

Gemma D Banham, MRCP(UK), Shaun M Flint, FRACP,  Nicholas Torpey, FRCP, Paul A Lyons, PhD, Don N Shanahan, MSc, Adele Gibson, BSc, Prof Christopher J E Watson, FRCS, Ann-Marie O’Sullivan, MRes, Joseph A Chadwick, Katie E Foster, PhD, Rachel B Jones, FRCP, Luke R Devey, MRCSEd, Anna Richards, MRCP(UK), Prof Lars-Peter Erwig, MD, Prof Caroline O Savage,FMedSci, Prof Kenneth G C Smith, FMedSci, Robert B Henderson, PhD, Menna R Clatworthy, FRCP†

14 June 2018


Transplantation is the best form of treatment for most patients with end-stage renal failure, but long-term graft survival is limited by the development of antibodies against the graft. There is therefore a major unmet need to find immunosuppressants that target humoral alloimmunity.

Researchers investigated the use of Belimumab, a monoclonal antibody that binds the B cell pro-survival cytokine BAFF, in kidney transplant recipients.

The study found that the use of belimumab was not associated with any excess risk of infection, and led to a reduction in antibody-producing plasmablasts, activated memory B cells, new IgG antibody formation and in non-HLA IgG antibodies associated with poor graft outcomes. Remarkably, belimumab treatment spared regulatory B cells – a cell type associated with transplant tolerance, with an increase in IL10-producing B cells observed.

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Publication: Annals

Linda M. O’Keeffe, PhD; Anna Ramond, DPharm; Clare Oliver-Williams, PhD; Peter Willeit, MD; Ellie Paige, PhD; Patrick Trotter, MBChB; Jonathan Evans, MBChB; Jonas Wadström, MD; Michael Nicholson, MD; Dave Collett, PhD; Emanuele Di Angelantonio, MD

30 January 2018


Living kidney donors are not at increased risk for some health outcomes previously of concern, but do seem at risk for worse blood pressure and kidney function than nondonors. In addition, female donors seem to be at increased risk for preeclampsia.

A team lead by researchers reviewed 52 published studies comprising more than 100,000 living kidney donors and more than 110,000 nondonors to assess the mid- and long-term health risks associated with living kidney donation in adults.

The data showed that kidney donors had higher diastolic blood pressure, poorer renal function, and higher risk for ESRD than nondonors. Female donors had an almost two-fold higher risk than nondonors for pregnancy-related complications, such as preeclampsia.

There was no evidence that living kidney donors had higher risk for mortality, cardiovascular disease, or type 2 diabetes, or reduced quality of life.

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Publication: European Journal of Neurosciences

Greenland JC, Williams-Gray CH, Barker RA.

30 July 2018

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Publication: BMJ

Sun YQ, Burgess S, Staley JR, Wood AM, Bell S, Kaptoge SK, et al.

26 March 2019

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Publication: American Journal of Transplantation

Ines G. Harper, Olivera Gjorgjimajkoska, Jacqueline H. Y. Siu, Jasvir Parmar, Arend Mulder, Frans H. J. Claas, Sarah A. Hosgood, Michael L. Nicholson, Reza Motallebzadeh, Gavin J. Pettigrew

12 December 2018


Tissue resident lymphocytes are present within many organs, and are presumably transferred at transplantation, but their impact on host immunity is unclear. Here, we examine whether transferred donor natural regulatory CD4 T cells (nT‐regs) inhibit host alloimmunity and prolong allograft survival.

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Publication: European Respiratory Journal

Sofianopoulou E, Kaptoge S, Graf S, Hadinnapola C, Treacy CM, Church C, et al.

30 May 2019

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Publication: Circulation: Genomic and Precision Medicine.

Larsson SC, Allara E, Mason AM, Michaelsson K, Burgess S.

31 January 2019

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Publication: The New England Journal of Medicine

Ference BA, Ray KK, Catapano AL, Ference TB, Burgess S, Neff DR, et al.

14 March 2019

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Publication: Nature Communications

Wittemans LBL, Lotta LA, Oliver-Williams C, Stewart ID, Surendran P, Karthikeyan S, et al.

5 March 2019

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