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Publication: PLoS Genetics

Darlay R, Ayers KL, Mells GF, Hall LS, Liu JZ, Almarri MA, et al.

3 December 2018

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Publication: New England Journal

Grinfeld J, Nangalia J, Baxter EJ, Wedge DC, Angelopoulos N, Cantrill R, Godfrey AL, Papaemmanuil E, Gundem G, MacLean C, Cook J, O’Neil L, O’Meara S, Teague JW, Butler AP, Massie CE, Williams N, Nice FL, Andersen CL, Hasselbalch HC, Guglielmelli P, McMullin MF, Vannucchi AM, Harrison CN, Gerstung M, Green AR, Campbell PJ.

11 October 2018

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Publication: Expert Review of Neurotherapeutics

Killen MJ, Giorgi-Coll S, Helmy A, Hutchinson PJ, Carpenter KL.

8 March 2019

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Publication: Lung Cancer

Matys T, Drury R, David S, Rassl DM, Qian W, Rintoul RC, et al. Corrigendum to

10 June 2018

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Publication: Nature

Barker RA, Gotz M, Parmar M.

16 May 2018

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Publication: Brain

Thomas E Cope, Timothy Rittman, Robin J Borchert, P Simon, JonesDeniz Vatansever, Kieren Allinson Luca Passamonti, Patricia Vazquez Rodriguez, W Richard Bevan-Jones, John T O’Brien, James B Rowe

5 January 2018

Recent advances in brain imaging have enabled scientists to show for the first time that a key protein which causes nerve cell death spreads throughout the brain in Alzheimer’s disease – and hence that blocking its spread may prevent the disease from taking hold.
A team led by scientists describe using a combination of imaging techniques to examine how patterns of tau relate to the wiring of the brain in 17 patients with Alzheimer’s disease, compared to controls.
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Publication: Neurobiology of Aging

Mak E, Padilla C, Annus T, Wilson LR, Hong YT, Fryer TD, Coles JP, Aigbirhio FI, Menon DK, Nestor PJ, Zaman SH.

August 2018

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Publication: Nature Communications

Park SE, Pham DT, Boinett C, Wong VK, Pak GD, Panzner U, et al.

30 November 2018

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Publication: BMJ

Loes CA Rutten-Jacobs, Susanna C Larsson,, Rainer Malik,, Kristiina Rannikmäe, MEGASTROKE consortium, International Stroke Genetics Consortium, Cathie L Sudlow, Martin Dichgans, Hugh S Markus, professor2, Matthew Traylor

24 October 2018


Researchers investigated whether a genetic risk score for stroke is associated with actual (“incident”) stroke in a large population of British adults.

They developed a genetic risk score based on 90 gene variants known to be associated with stroke from 306,473 white men and women in the UK Biobank – a database of biological information from half a million British adults.

Participants were aged between 40 and 73 years and had no history of stroke or heart attack. Adherence to a healthy lifestyle was based on four factors: non-smoker, diet rich in fruit, vegetables and fish, not overweight or obese (body mass index less than 30), and regular physical exercise.

A high genetic risk combined with an unfavourable lifestyle profile was associated with a more than twofold increased risk of stroke compared with a low genetic risk and a favourable lifestyle. Full story here

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Publication: PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases

Britto CD, Wong VK, Dougan G, Pollard AJ.

11 October 2018

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Publication: American Society for Microbiology

Klemm EJ, Shakoor S, Page AJ, Qamar FN, Judge K, Saeed DK, Wong VK, Dallman TJ, Nair S, Baker S, Shaheen G, Qureshi S, Yousafzai MT, Saleem MK, Hasan Z, Dougan G, Hasan R

20 February 2018

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Publication: PNAS

Forbester JL, Lees EA, Goulding D, Forrest S, Yeung A, Speak A, Clare S, Coomber EL, Mukhopadhyay S, Kraiczy J, Schreiber F, Lawley TD, Hancock REW, Uhlig HH, Zilbauer M, Powrie F, Dougan G.

14 September 2018

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