A Night at Ely Cathedral’s Science Festival- from Dinosaurs to DNA

Join us for the Ely Cathedral Science Festival on Monday 22 May and Tuesday 30 May 2017 from 19:00 in the Cathedral’s Nave, for an evening of family fun.

Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre are joining forces with Department of Genetics at Cambridge University Hospitals , East of England NHS Genomic Medicine Centre and Wellcome Genome Campus Public Engagement Team.

Where through fun activities, you’ll discover more about DNA. Try Basebot – a PlayStation Kinect game where you need to touch the colour screen which corresponds to the sequence code flashed on screen, the challenge for players will be keeping up with the sequencing machine.

Extract DNA from a strawberry, understand how to translate nature’s codes and instructions to build a monster. Create your own DNA Sequence bracelet from a human, butterfly or a flesh eating plant genetic code. Examine your inherited traits and see how they compare with others, will your genetic variation allow you to taste something bitter or to smell a scent irresistible to female pigs?

Experience a rocket or light show and lots of interactive activities. Meet the people behind the science, as part of the Ely Cathedral Science Festival. Click on the poster for more information and explore the Cathedral by twilight.

Further details about the evening can be found here and a map of Ely (car parking is free) here

About Ely Cathedral Science Festival

The Festival runs from 19 May to 18 June 2017. A month-long event of interactive fun and discovery exploring science and the natural world through art, music, exhibitions and fun activities for all ages.

This extraordinary festival will involve science shows, live experiments, prehistoric creatures and fascinating talks by leading experts. Highlights include a lecture by Prof Robert Winston, a dinosaur dig with a life size T. Rex and a Sci-Fi Prom featuring music from favourite composers and movies.

For the duration of the Festival a specialist exhibition will be on display in the Lady Chapel exploring the world of science from ‘Dinosaurs to DNA’, providing a rare opportunity to see many national and local artefacts of great scientific interest including, an original copy of Darwin’s Origin of Species and over two metres of remains of a late Jurassic Pliosaur discovered in the Cambridgeshire Fens in the 1950s.

You can find further details of all the activities in the brochure and website

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Festival Event featuring NIHR Cambridge BRC Theme Lead.
Exploring DNA: What are you prepared to Share?

Professor Lucy Raymond, NIHR Cambridge BRC Theme Lead for Integrative Genomics and Professor of Medical Genetics and Neurodevelopment at the University of Cambridge, will be one of the experts on the DNA Panel discussion held on Friday 9 June 2017 at 18:30 in the Lecture Hall at the Old Palace, Ely. Further details can be found here


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