Cambridge Clinical Research Centre (CCRC)

The NIHR/Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility (also a cross-cutting theme in the NIHR Cambridge BRC), is a 24/7 inpatient unit with a Metabolic Research Area containing measurement technologies for energy balance and body composition allied to metabolic magnetic resonance spectroscopy in the Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre. This CRF has dedicated facilities to accommodate children. 

The Clinical Investigation Ward (CIW) operates on a day case basis, undertaking later-phase clinical trials.

With a five floor expansion of campus clinical research capacity, facilities include:

Level 2, Interventional Investigation Unit: Facilities to undertake research endoscopies; cell therapy and minor procedures.

Level 3, Early Phase Trials Unit: Dedicated facilities for early phase studies including first-in-human trials.

Level 4 and 6, Wellcome-MRC Metabolic Translational Research Facility: Conducts metabolic studies linked to research programmes funded by the Wellcome Trust-MRC Institute of Metabolic Science (IMS). With dedicated space and equipment for studying patients and volunteers in a naturalistic setting  

Level 5, Clinical Research Facility: A 24/7 unit accommodating research in diverse specialties in adult patients and volunteers.

  • To contact the CCRC call: 01223 254800.
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