NIHR COVID-19 BioResource

A new cohort of patients with suspected coronavirus infection is being recruited to create an NIHR COVID-19 BioResource, part of the national NIHR BioResource.

The resource will enable sample-based and data studies of COVID-19 disease, recovery and mental-health outcomes, and offer the opportunity for participants to be involved in future research studies.


NIHR COVID-19 BioResource participants will be recruited from patients admitted to Cambridge University Hospitals with suspected COVID-19 and who give their consent.

Study participants will provide nasal and throat swabs, which will be used for studies supporting diagnostic tests, and a blood sample. Participants also complete a short questionnaire containing mental-health questions to support studies investigating mental health during illness and recovery.

The COVID-19 BioResource will also focus on recruiting COVID-19 patients admitted to hospital who are under the age of 16. We will work alongside Paediatric Intensive Care Units across the country to enrol young patients, as well as parents.  Although the NIHR COVID-19 BioResource will recruit patients from all age groups, there is a particular interest in the minority of patients below the age of 40, including children, with severe COVID-19. Understanding the response to COVID-19 in these age groups requires special understanding, and the NIHR COVID-19 BioResource will be instrumental in facilitating this work.

Biological samples from COVID-19 BioResource participants will be processed and analysed in specialist containment facilities in the newly opened Cambridge Institute of Therapeutic Immunology and Infectious Disease (CITIID).

NHS staff providing samples for coronavirus testing will also be offered the opportunity to take part in the NIHR COVID-19 BioResource. This will enable rapid collection of samples from asymptomatic and symptomatic staff, including those showing very few symptoms, to allow a more detailed analysis of why COVID-19 affects individuals so differently as well as contributing to staff testing and workforce planning.

Participation in the NIHR COVID-19 BioResource does not prevent patients from taking part in other research studies for COVID-19, including nationally prioritised studies.


Recruitment to the NIHR COVID-19 BioResource is underway from Cambridge hospitals. Recruitment will open at other local NIHR BioResource centres and Paediatric Intensive Care Units in the coming weeks. Please follow this webpage for updates.

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